Commodity Risk Solution, LLC

Doing Good & Doing WELL in Renewable Energy

Commodity Risk Solution, LLC

Our Mission

Expand the global renewable energy market by making it more accessible to all companies.

  • The early adopters of corporate renewable energy set an example by Doing Good. The focus has been, how to get deals done more quickly to green the grid?
  • For widespread adoption of corporate renewable energy, the needs of early majority companies must be addressed: the business case, economic performance and understanding the risk being signed up for.
  • We deliver this balance of environmental and economic sustainability to our clients through proactive energy procurement strategy, innovative deal structuring, and post-operational support. Doing Good while Doing Well is possible.

We make renewable energy accessible to companies…

  • That must deliver economics and savings in order to rationalize a deal
  • That otherwise are too small for a wholesale energy strategy
  • IWith operations in markets with no precedent for Corporate PPAs

What Our Partners Say

“CRS bridged the gap with their client (buyer) in order to meet our financing needs which was everything for us. As true partners, together with CRS we structured an unconventional deal to secure the project’s financial return while providing their client (buyer) with cost savings and risk mitigation.”

— Benigno Villarreal Del Río, Managing Director,
Vive Energia, Mexico Wind Deal

“Luke displayed expert market knowledge in completing one of the early corporate renewable electricity PPAs in the UK. His ability to see both sides of the deal really helped conclude a mutual outcome for all.”

— Nigel McManus, Head of Energy Trade UK,
Eneco, UK Wind Deal

“We have not encountered a more well-versed and innovative advisor than CRS in the renewable energy industry. The scrutiny on risk management and long-term deal economics for all parties is an edge CRS has on other advisors. CRS set the bar for the market leading corporate renewable energy deal in Australia.”

— Paul Curnow, Partner and Head of Renewables and Clean Technology,
Baker McKenzie, Australia Solar Deal

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